Who I Am from Left to Right: Vincent van Gogh, Ozzie Smith, Marge Simpson, Michael Scott, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Paul Rand, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jerry Garcia, Logo by Louise Fili, Paula Scher, Grandpa's 87th Infantry patch, Lil' Matt, Massimo Vignelli, NY Mets, Red Dead Redemption, Aaron Draplin & John Coltrane. 

HElLO. I'm Matt. 

I'm a designer living and working in the New York City area who is interested in hearing about the project you have in mind. 

My process begins and ends with the audience. And no matter the problem, I try and have fun and never ever bore. 

So fun designs and bold visual language made for specific people...that's what I do. 

With whatever time is left, I'm listening to the Grateful Dead, firing off Michael Scott memes and cooking a bit. 

Let's Chat! 
Email: mroberson03@gmail.com
Tele: 646.525.2132